Global Missions

International MinistriesWith over fifty years of steady mission giving and prayer support, Eastwood affirms global servants selected by International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches USA. Twenty percent of Eastwood’s giving support men and women who are “God’s hands and feet in the world.” You can read their stories at internationalministries.org or contact our church office to speak to the Missions Chairperson.  

In June, 2008 Eastwood, in partnership with International Ministries, hosted a World Mission Conference featuring fifteen missionaries who shared stories of faith that revitalized the hope that “God is at work transforming the world!”

The Chettis
The Noyes
The Chapmans Kim Kushner
The Chapmans
Kim Kushner
Kurt Hildebrand
Kurt Hildebrand

Throughout the year Eastwood hosts Mission Dinners for individuals to learn firsthand how Jesus is changing the lives of people in places such as Thailand, Costa Rica, South Africa. The bi-weekly BEACON newsletter features letters from our missionaries.

Eastwood currently actively supports the following individuals:
Dan and Sarah Chetti — Beirut, Lebanon
Ed and Miriam Noyes — Democratic Republic of Congo
Glen and Rita Chapman — Democratic Republic of Congo
Kim Kushner — El Salvador, Nicaragua

Other special missionaries:
Kurt Hildebrand, Haiti - Mennonite Central Committee